It's been a while since the last time I wrote here, so I thought to stop by and do something different for this New Year's Eve: instead of posting my favorite things of 2017 on Twitter, like I did last year, I thought about making my "best of" post a bit more permanent here on the blog. 

I'll start by saying that, as far as music, movies and TV, I believe my picks for 2016 where stronger and will resist to the passage of time better than this year's, and overall I think 2017 hasn't been the best year possible for entertainment. Or almost everything else.

On the other hand, this year I've listened to so many amazing podcasts, making a selection was terribly difficult and, while I believe I picked my favorites, there's so much good stuff out there, and so little time to listen to it, that I should probably write more about the podcasts I enjoy in the future.

But let's start. Please add drumrolls after reading every category.


Best song: Dear Hate, Maren Morris & Vince Gill


Best album: Melodrama, Lorde


Best book: Raven Rock, Garrett M. Graff


Best movie: Dogville (I know, I know, it is 14 years old... but I never saw it before; it would be really hard for me to pick a really good 2017 movie... maybe Gifted)


Best TV show (debut): Godless (I know, a western... who would have thought?)


Best TV show (continued): Halt and Catch Fire final season... it started slowly but concluded a great show perfectly


Best podcast: NPR's Up First


Best tech podcast: Welcome to Macintosh, and especially episode 15 The Orchard


Best investigative reporting podcast: I’m stretching the category a bit and choose What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law


Best news article I read: How science found a way to help coma patients communicate


Best videogame: an easy one... Super Mario Odissey


Most moving TV moment: without a doubt, this MSNBC interview with Vice President Biden


And that’s all... here's to a great new year and best wishes!