ContactsAMI: never type a phone number again

ContactsAMI for macOS is a simple and powerful utility that will save you a lot of time: it lets you originate VOIP phone calls using Asterisk Manager Interface.


You can initiate VOIP phone calls using your existing PBX supporting AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface): just select who you want to call from the ContactsAMI app that lives in your menu bar, or directly from your Mac's Contacts app thanks to the included plugin, and your VOIP phone will start ringing; when you'll pick up, a new phone call will be initiated with the contact you selected.

You can try ContactsAMI for free for 7 days and experience its convenience while checking that it's compatible with your setup.

Never type a phone number again, let ContactsAMI make your calls!

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ContactsAMI requires macOS 10.12, a PBX compatible with AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) and an already configured and working VOIP phone.
AMI needs to be enabled on your PBX, and you'll need your server configuration (IP, port, etc.) and AMI credentials to set up ContactsAMI. The app will need local access to your Contacts.