Manage your tasks, not your task manager

Tasktic is our ideal task manager for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and we're confident soon it will be yours too: many productivity apps are expensive and yet offer little functionality or too many useless complications. We worked hard to get just the right balance.

Tasktic is lightning-fast to launch and use: it immediately focus on what you planned to get done today - and that thing you scheduled for last week but slipped because it's not like you enjoy doing it - and lets you quickly add new tasks (and even repeat them every n hours, days, weekdays or months). Everything you add syncs auto-magically on all your mobile devices, thanks to iCloud.

We built Tasktic to be the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to free your mind of all the things you want and maybe have to do.

Your next task? Try Tasktic for free and start accomplishing more!