Don't try to remember everything...

... probably you won't anyway. And that's a good thing: do you really want your brain to focus on remembering a list of things to do, or actually get them done?

By default, when you quickly add a task to Tasktic, that new task goes into your Inbox... but you can also create as many projects as you need (family, work, books, shopping, trip to Italy...), mark what's important, add tags (Christina, John, calls to make, novel ideas, kitty, whatever...) and detailed notes with automatic conversion of phone numbers, addresses, email and web addresses into actionable links.

Every task can have an optional due date and, when you choose so, a notification (with a custom, subtle and elegant sound).

And there's more: with our Siri and Reminders for Mac integration, adding new tasks will be effortless and fast, as it will be from most of your other apps thanks to Tasktic Share Extension. Reviewing your next tasks will also never require much time with Tasktic Today in Notification Center, and you can also use Tasktic right on your wrist, with Tasktic for Apple Watch!